Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Hybrid Vigour

Mission 7 - Nerf

"Capture Officer II" or "On the Rocks"

Daaaamn that was a LOT of imps turned up to jump in our trap! AND there were like fifty fucken million rocks and stuff. I thought we were gonna have a real bad day, but it wasn't so bad. A HUGE PILE of bombs softened up the squints (now Wampa's got them too!) and all the others seemed more interested in the dead shuttle than us. Which I geuss was the point.

Talking of DEAD SHUTTLES the one that showed up was like super covered in rank markings and stuff. So we murdered it like IT AINT NO THING. Then we murdered EVERYTHING ELSE. There was another one of the super-pointy invisible ones, except this one was REALLY CRAP and just kinda floated about till it bounced off a rock and we shot it.

I think something was wrong with Bantha's radio most of the mission, there was all this screaming howly noise from it. And it wasn't just me hearing it, I asked Wampa, so it wasn't the Y being broken like usual. I turned it off after a while,  couldn't hear my music.

One of the squints was still trying to fight at the end (though we'd blown most of its guns off lol) and Bantha did this awesome nerfshit trick shot where he blew up a rock and the sharpnel smushed the squint. It was well cool, but I'm pretending I think it was an accident cos he gets super stressy about it.


Mission Success! No Imps escaped!



  • Pulled off a cool Seismic Torp shot to gib a TIE/I and table the AI!
  • Made us run out of stress tokens!
  • Gained 11xp!


  • Doesn't know how to stay hidden!
  • Killed a TIE/I!
  • Gained 12xp!


  • Stopped the elite shuttle escaping. By murdering it!
  • Ion Bombed an entire swarm of TIE/LNs and caused all sorts of havoc!
  • Gained 12xp!



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