Heroes of the Aturi Cluster - Hybrid Vigour

Mission 8 - Briefing

Chasing Phantoms II - Bait

"Good show, pilots!

Our plan worked perfectly! I admit I may have underestimated the scale of the Imperial response to our ruse, but I certainly didn't underestimate you! From your mission reports, that second shuttle was a skilled pilot in a well-equipped ship – a loss the Empire will definitely feel.

Your reports mention a new Imperial fighter equipped with a cloaking device – the second time you've met one of these. They seem to be unreliable, suggesting an experimental variant.

Given the success of our last trap, we're going to scale it up, and try to lure one of these 'Phantoms' out of hiding. We've refitted the freighter 'Seven High' with sensor equipment, and when the ion storm dissipates, we'll lure the Phantoms out. I'm sure you can imagine what your job is after that – destroy the Phantom menace, as well as anything else that shows up, and make sure the Seven High escapes with its data.

Talking of data, if the Imperials send any support ships, evaluating the Phantom's performance, that sort of thing… Well, bonus points for making sure the Empire doesn't get any test results!"


Primary – Destroy the TIE Phantom Elite. The Seven High and at least one of Chimera Squad must jump to hyperspace or remain alive at the end of turn 10.

Bonus – If all of the shuttles in the Support Squadron are destroyed, all players gain 2xp.



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